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Above is a picture taken in Rocco Ferrario's classroom at Harvest Middle School in Napa, California where students learned about comets, asteroids, and meteors.  The demonstration shown above was to demonstrate how a comets tail glows and was done with a fluorescent light held by students over a Tesla Coil within a rarefied atmosphere.  The energy generated was a plasma field which caused the gas within the light to glow.

Several courses will be announced at a later date.  Special 1 to 2 hour classes on astronomy will be identified.  
Classes and courses will include missions and discoveries in astronomy. There is no cost for these programs.  Separate courses have been developed for the following subjects:

    Origin of the Univserse
    Units of Measure:  Astronomical Units (AU), Velocity of Light, Parsec
    The Earth and its electromagnetic force
    The Sun/Space Weather
    The Panets
    The Stars 
    Star Clusters
    The Galaxies
    Dark Matter/Dark Energy - is it Gravity?
    Black Holes
    Are we Alone?
    Alien life forms on Earth
    Types of Telescopes
    Radio Astronomy
    The Spectrum of Light
    Global Climate Change and Global Warming
    Ionizing Radiation
        Units of Measure
        Methods of Protection    
        Radiation vs Radioactive Material  
        The Code of Federal Regulations
    Ultra Violet Radiation
    Collecting Fluorescent Minerals
    WISE (Wide Field Infra Red Survey Explorer)  
        This is a special class for high School Students in their Junior and Senior Year.

Special classes on the following:  Observational Astronomy, Astronomy for Students, Astronomy for Teachers, Ionizing Radiation and Protection, etc.

Cost, location, dates, course syllabus, and content will be published.

Setting up and using a telescope (private lessons)

Purchasing a telescope requires some thought concerning what you intend to do with the telescope.  I can assist you in selecting the right telescope, spotting scope, or binoculars of your choice.

Assistance may be needed to learn how to setup a telescope and how to use it.  There is no charge to assist in setting up a telescope.  I believe it is important to learn how to properly set up a telescope.  Should the telescope come with a computerized handheld device, instructions will be included on how to use the hand control for setting up the time zone, location, and other functions.
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