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Private Star Parties/Birthdays/Family Get-togethers

Thinking of something special for a birthday, family get-together, or a private star party with your friends?  Email or call The Star Guide.  A professional grade telescope can be brought to your home or another site to observe the Moon, planets, stars, and other deep space objects.

aytime observation can be arranged to observe Sun Spots, solar flares, and prominence in breath-taking detail.  Observing can be from two to three hours. 

The Star Guide will bring a laser light to point out specific stars and constellations.  If the event is held away from your home, you and your guests should bring folding chairs and dress warm.  The site must be free of Sodium, Mercury vapor lighting, and other lights that will effect observing under dark sky conditions.  Flashlights need to be covered with red plastic or red cellophane to avoid loss of dark sky adaptation.  The Star Guide will bring a roll of red cellophane and rubber bands to secure the material over the lens of your flashlights.

Everyone attending will be taken on a grand tour of the universe that they will never forget.


Private events on the Constellations and Lore

Location to be determined.  Attendees are reminded to bring a folding chair or lounge chair, blankets or sleeping bag and pillow.  A laser light will be used to point out constellations and bright stars.  A laptop computer will be used to show the constellations and stars and project live living color images using a special video camera manufacture by or .org.  How the constellations were named will also be discussed.  The requesting party will be given a planisphere with directions on use.

Private Events for wineries, bed-n-breakfast inns, resorts, businesses, corporations, and special groups are held at no cost

The Star Guide will use his personal equipment from the Meade Instrument Corporation to promote their equipment.  Looking at the Sun will be through a new Coronado SolarMax 90mm ll with a Hydrogen-alpha filter assembly which blocks out harmfull light allowing individuals to see the Sun in a gorgeous reddish-orange color that shows prominence, sun spots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejection.  A special video camera will send live images to a television to show all images in living color.

A new Meade LightSwith 8" with Advance Coma Free Optics will be used for observing the moon, planets, stars, nebula, star clusters, and galaxies.  This is the first telescope of its kind that is autono-   
mous with a built-in camera that aligns on the stars and makes observing simple.  It also has a built-in recorded system that tells you what you are looking at.  It is esentially a small version of the
Hubble Telescope.  No other company has a telescope comparable.

Star gazing or Solar gazing events can be organized for these businesses.  Special events can consist of star gazing in the evenings for up to 2 to 3 hours.  A 1 1/2 hour set up time is needed for a professional grade telescope to be setup for observing visible objects in the night sky.  The telescope to be used is computer operated Meade Instrument LX200 8" Schmidt-cassegrain telescope with a GPS unit which aligns on two bright stars.  Observing takes place when the sky is dark enough to align on the stars.  Attending members and visitors will be taken on a breath-taking tour of the universe they will never forget.  The Star Guide will use a laser light to point out specific stars and constellations.  Take down time for the equipment is about 1 hour.

Solar gazing of the Sun to observe Sun Spots, Prominence, Solar Flares, and Solar Mass Ejecta can be arranged.  This can be an all day event and will also include a telescope for terrestrial viewing of birds and wildlife in the area, depending on the location.

Prior to hosting any event The Star Guide needs to observe the site to ensure an adequate  location is available for viewing.  Such areas need to have a 110volt electrical outlet within 100 to 200 feet for connecting the telescope for star gazing or solar gazing.  Terrestrial telescopes are manually operated.  A special package event can be arranged for both star gazing and solar gazing.  Evening star gazing will include the use of a laptop computer that shows a planetarium program of the night sky.  Travel to observing sites more than 100 miles distance will require overnight accommodations.  

Donations may be made to a school of your choice for the purpose of purchasing new science equipment or observing equipment.

For information on available dates contact The Star Guide by sending an email to


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