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  Several articles have been
   Published in the magazine of Astronomy Technology Today.  The most current one is on ProCom Electronics MallinCam Xtreme created by Rock Mallin, Engineer and owner.

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The best choice of astronomical telescopes for beginners, amateurs, and professional astronomers can be found at Meade Instruments.

A new advancement to the Meade Coronado SolarMax telescope.  If your interest is looking at the Sun and following the activity near its surface, this is the telescope you want.

Looking at the Sun with this spectacular design of Hydrogen-Alpha Optics will give you breath-taking views of the Sun.  The Solar Sun Spots, Prominence, flares, and Coronal Mass Ejection is spectacular to say the least.

I will be hosting free solar gazing through one of these telescopes at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, California on Saturdays.  The dates will be posted on the "Calendar of Events" page.

The Meade Coronado PST 40mm


The Meade Coronado SolarMax 60mm


The Meade Coronado SolarMax 90mm II

(Video to be uploaded)

e most recent addition to the Meade Family of Instruments is the LightSwitchTM
Technology.  It is the most sophisticated telescope ever made for beginners, amateurs, and professional astronomers.  The optics come in two different versions:  Schmidt-cassegrain and Advanced Free-Coma OpticsTM.

The LightSwitchTM  

This technological achievement in the design and manufacturing of this telescope transforms the ease of operation for the beginner.  When you set up the telescope and flip on the light switch the computer controls all the work for you.  With its GPS unit it aligns its self on bright stars and the hand control unit will tell you it is ready to search for an object of your choice. 

The new optical design of Advanced Coma-Free OpticsTM brings pin point stars at the very edge of the optics.  In my opinion, "it is like having a miniature Hubble Telescope in your hands to search the heavens."

Go to the meade website at and check out the specifications on the LightSwitchTM

Picture to be added

Meet James Blackstock and Marilyn Rose, owners of "Out of This World" in the town of 
Mendocino, California.  If you live in Northern California or are visiting the coastal town of Mendocino, this is the place to view and select a spotting scope or pair of binoculars of your choice at a reasonable price. The store is located at 4510 Maine Street in downtown Mendocino.  Their website is

They also have a wonderful variety of books, science toys, microscopes and telescopes. You can call them at 800-228-8252 or order from their online catalog. 


MallinCam Video Cameras


MallinCam is the Worlds First LIVE COLOR IMAGING Video CCD Camera for Astronomical work with Extended Shutter and Mild Cooled CCD Sensor Fully loaded with Features not available on any other brands in its Price Class.  Pro-Com Electronics Has Been in Business of Astronomical Video CCD Cameras Since 1985, The Longest and Most Experienced in the Industry.  You can order a video camera of your choice from Jack's Astro Accessories in Louisiana.  Go to

Go to their website at www.mallincam.  All specifications, how it is made, specials, awards, astrophotography in addition to live imaging, Mallincam owners groups, Mallincam universe Astro Images and customer's images can be observed.

A video camera image of the Sun in live color will be posted soon that was taken with the MallinCam Xtreme attached to a Meade Coronado SolarMax 90mm 2 double stacked Etalon filters.  Another video showing the planets, moon and a deep space object in living color is being developed for posting on this site.

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M27  15 x 30 sec AGC 4 cropped image applied step 8 632 x 470

NGC 6888 10 x 60 sec AGC4 cropped image applied step 8.jpg


Digital camera adapters available for telescopes and microscopes.

The Pro Adapter for telescopes provides the use of 1 1/4" eyepieces and 2" eyepieces.  Retainer rings are provided for para focal eyepieces - the eyepiece with the para focal feature that allows you to replace the eyepiece without the need for refocusing the telescope.

Go to the website above to view adapters available


If your looking for an equatorial wedge that is easy to use and stays aligned on the North Celestial Pole, this is the wedge you need.  It is manufactured Applied Precision Technology.  It is the AMF REVOLUTION.   Designed to support the Meade LX200 series or
Celestron Schmidt-cassegrain telescopes.  To learn more about its full list of features and specifications, including a 360 product viewer, customer comments, and FAQs, go to

They created this wedge for amateur and professional astronomers alike.  From its tilt plate to its eyepiece holders, this wedge is well-built with you in mind.  Attach it to your pier or tripod and make the adjustments - no image shift or chasing Polaris around the sky.  It stays aligned.  On top of it all, they keep the AMF Wedge in stock, so you don't have to wait.  You can order it today online.  Scope City in San Francisco, California, also carries the wedge in stock.


Thinking of something for the Arm Chair Astronomer or for viewing the night sky in real time?  Then click on the link to  View the software programs they have available for students, teachers, enthusiasts or amateur astronomers in planetarium format.  Their programs show you the night sky at anytime and anywhere in the world.  You can find constellations, stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, nebula.  Starry Night Pro version and Starry Night Pro Plus even shows satellites in orbit.  You can magnify images and "Go To" any object listed.  Pictures are shown in breathtaking detail.  You can order directly from the Starry Night Store.  Teachers can get significant discounts by purchasing programs in quantity.


Are you ready to explore the universe?  Do you have the equipment and products that will take you there?  You probably already have a telescope and need researchable information to guide through the night sky. can take you there.  They have the software that will guide your equipment and automate your observatory.  Their software products are some of the most sophisticated products designed to take you there.
Click on the link to Bisque and review their products like The SkySix which has extensive databases on celestial objects. 

TPoint gives you better pointing accuracy to overcome systematic errors in go-to telescopes.  All telescopes have gear-tooth errors in the tracking system.  TPoint will keep your telescope aligned with the object during visual or photographic imaging.  This is especially critical when you are doing light curves on minor planets or searching for exoplanets around a star.


Fluorescent Minerals from Greenland, China, India and Pakistan.

Mark Cole is the owner of the Miner Shop in Miami, Florida.  He has some of the rarest and finest fluorescent minerals in the world.  Go to his website  to see some of these unique and rare specimens.  You can purchase some of these minerals either directly from him or bid on some of the specimens he places on Ebay.  The link on his website under "Gems and Mineral For Sale" will take you directly to the Ebay site.  Bids usually start around $9.95 and will increase depending on the number of bidders and the quality of the mineral.  Gem quality Tugtupite and Sodalite will send the bid upward.  I have personally bought several specimens from Mark.  He will hand pick quality specimens for you if you choose not to bid on specimens.

Mark's website will show you some of the "Geo Tours" to Greenland that he arranges and takes groups too.  The country is breathtaking in beauty at The-Top-Of-The-World.  I hope I will be able to take one of the trips myself someday.



The Fluorescent Mineral Society

I am a member of this society.  There are several links to minerals and dealers throughout the United States.  What ever your interest is in rocks and minerals, you will find a dealer that sells them at this site.  I've been collecting since the 1940s and purchased directly from businesses (e.g., Polmans, Fluorescent Minerals, Franklin New Jersey, etc.)  Most of my collecting has been local areas and throughout Northern California.  My suggestion is join the society and receive their newsletter.  The annual fee is only $25.00.  The news letter always describes localities to collect in and books available on fluorescent minerals.


The Rustic Cottage Resort & Motel, Tahoe Vista, California on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Want to get away and relax in a link to the past.  A wonderful resort on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  Your Hosts:  Janet and Marshall TuttleThey also own the Tahoe Vista Lodge and Cabins on North shore . .  and the Donner Ski Ranch at Donners Summit off of Highway 80

 The Rustic cottages were originally the sawmill and labor camp of the Brockway Lumber Company.  The property was converted to vacation cottages in 1925.  The 18 "Old Tahoe" cottages are all different . . . each with its own character.  Most have kitchens or fireplaces . . .  many have both.  All cottages have romantic iron beds with beautiful linens, Serta mattresses, televisions with HBO and video tape player, microwave ovens, and beautiful patio furniture on the decks.  The Rustic Cottage Resort is centrally located on Lake Tahoe's north shore, just a stone's throw from a sandy beach and water's edge.  They are just minutes from great restaurants, shopping, north shore casinos and the world's best skiing.  All the guests are invited to a continental breakfast featuring homemade muffins, to borrow a video tape from their extensive library, or to stop by in the afternoon for homemade chocolate chip cookies.  And this year the skiing should be excellent through the middle of May.  With early and heavy snows, it will be a banner ski season.  The Donner Ski Ranch has 6 chairlifts (Chairlift #1 Triplechair and Chairlift #2-6 is a doublechair.)  The Donner Ski Ranch is the place to go this winter . . .  and the prices are affordable.



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