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  The Meade Instruments 4M Community Outreach Program

The Star Guide has been appointed as an adviser for the Meade Community Outreach Program.  The program is designed to allow members to explore, discover, learn, and share an interest in astronomy and discoveries.  Mr. De Lacy provides information on programs hosted by and for Meade Instruments and how to become a member of the outreach program.  Membership is free to the public. Click on the link Once you are at the website, find the MEADE 4M COMMUNITY MEMBER PATCH and open the 4m site and follow the directions to
 join the program.  Drawings are held on a regular basis with prizes given away to members.  A directory of advisers is listed with several leading astrophotographers, amateur astronomers, astronomers, physicist, engineers that host programs throughout the United States and joining countries.  Biographies on the advisers are also posted.  Anyone can become a member.

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